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The first edition of the New Comm Road podcast, hosted by Bryan Person. Featuring an interview with Tim Fullerton of Oxfam America.
In today’s show:

Show introduction
Do blogs need comments to generate an online conversation? Bryan argues that they do. Also check out the audio commentary on this topic from Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson in episode [...]

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Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson had a good discussion of the value of blog comments in their May 29 episode of For Immediate Release, a twice-weekly business communications podcast, prompted by an audio comment that I sent to them.
Shel and Neville also tackle Dan Kennedy’s argument that comments really only work well on blogs of [...]

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The “digital self”

Last week, on his LeverWealth blog and in an audio report on the For Immediate Release podcast, PR practitioner David Phillips wrote and spoke about our many “selves.”
There’s the self that makes the corporate presentation, the self that walks the dog, the self that raises a family, etc. And there’s also the “digital [...]

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Comments on ‘no comments’

Jay Fitzgerald has a bone or two to pick with my Monday post that criticized the blogs for not allowing comments.
Interesting follow-up comments have also been flowing here and here over on Universal Hub.
Update: John Daley chimes in as well.
Update No. 2: Mark Briggs has some thoughts on the credibility of comment-enabled blogs.
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Why he doesn’t blog

Alex Beam tries to explain why he’s no blogger.
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Passionate Sox bloggers

John Molori of Media Blitz devotes most of his column this week to the popularity of “fan sites” — most of them blogs — about the Boston Red Sox, hospital my hometown baseball team and object of unwavering and lifelong devotion.
Among the sites mentioned by Molori are Call of the Green Monster, clinic [...]

No comments = not credible, the online arm for the Boston Globe, my favorite daily newspaper, publishes a number of interesting blogs. Among them are Maura Welch’s Business Filter, which is filled with interesting new-media nuggets; Reiss’s Pieces, which features the latest news on the New England Patriots and was nominated for a 2006 EPpy award as the best [...]

Where do you bathe?

Ahh, viagra an example of confusing communications that I came across during my offline wanderings to Mystic, Connecticut over the weekend …
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The MBTA needs a blog.
I can’t be the only rider of Boston’s public transportation system who doesn’t yet have a full grasp of some of of these pressing issues and questions:

The proposed substantial fare increase in January 2007, only three years after the last hike
The difference between the CharlieCard and CharlieTicket
Why some stations now accept [...]

Lee Hopkins is an interesting, and entertaining, man.
I’ve been listening to the audio contributions from this self-described “internal and online communications/PR specialist” on the For Immediate Release podcast since the middle of 2005, and regularly reading his Better Communications Results blog since the start of this year. Lee is informative and thoughtful with a mischievous [...]

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