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How NOT to pitch a blogger and a podcaster.
Hosted by Bryan Person and Mike Bellina.
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IN [...]

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From left: Zeke Barber (me!), abortion Jonathan Richardson, human enhancement and Shel Witte having a good ol’ chat in Second Life.
I’ve given Second Life a go a good half-dozen tries prior to tonight, but this time I was finally able to engage in a group chat. Shel Witte — I’m using only [...]

I had an interesting lunchtime discussion with several colleagues yesterday about the extent to which we “live” online. Here’s a sampling of the participants:
Colleague 1: A graphic designer who uses e-mail only sparingly, sildenafil doesn’t have or want a computer at home, neuropathologist won’t purchase anything online, and doesn’t consider the web [...]

That’s “Curiosity Quotient” plus “Passion Quotient” is greater than “Intelligent Quotient.”
… so says Thomas Friedman, thumb New York times op-ed columnist and author of the best seller The World Is Flat, which was recently re-released in “updated and expanded” form.
I was fortunate to catch an interview with Friedman on the Tim Russert Show on [...]

Business blogging, sanitary new music, side effects and more.
Hosted by Bryan Person and Mike Bellina.

Show introduction
Voice man Lee Hopkins shows off his pipes
Big thanks to Rantings of Eva for our new intro and outro music
Interesting “six points of separation” on how to get a job in new marketing from Mitch Joel [...]

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From my ears …

The highlights from some of the business podcasts that I’ve listened to this week:
Six Pixels of SeparationMitch Joel offers six tips to the person looking for a job in the new-marketing world, pilule including the type of questions he would ask when interviewing a candidate

Don’t show me your resume. Point him to your blog [...]

MySpace, rx audio comments, information pills and a new voice for the podcast!
Hosted by Bryan Person and Mike Bellina.

Show introduction
The new “voice” of New Comm Road is Lee Hopkins
Promo for PodCamp Boston on September 9-10
A discussion about MySpace becoming the most visited website among American web users, ask and what [...]

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Plenty of good discussions lately, search including one on C.C. Chapman’s Managing the Gray podcast blog, geriatrician about whether Second Life marketers should be spending some of their time in Second Life.
C.C. would say yes, and Ken would say no.
I fall more into line with C.C.’s thinking, as well as Mitch Joel’s:
As Marketers, [...]

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I received this e-mail message this morning to my comments@… New Comm Road inbox:
Hi, epidemic
My name is Chad and I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I really enjoy your podcast.
I am starting a new website to try to help people find new podcasts and help podcasters get bigger audiences.
The site [...]

Six Pixels of Separation host Mitch Joel and I at CaseCamp Montreal
A belated note on last week’s CaseCamp Montreal, neuropathist which I attended during my family vacation (somehow, I was able to sweet-talk my wife into granting me a few hours of “non-family time”).
The photo above is one of several from the event that [...]

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