Mobatalk developer Michael Bailey has teamed up with Dan Kuykendall on an enhanced version of the Podpress plugin for WordPress that has added a whole new layer to blog commenting.

Podpress version 6.6, visit web health system released late Tuesday night, now allows blog commenters to quickly and easily leave audio comments directly to a blog post. All you need is a cheap, basic microphone.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the comments or title link at the top of this post to be taken to the permalink page
  2. Scroll down to below the text commenting area, and click on the Insert Audio Comment link
  3. Once the Java applet has loaded (you may need to approve its use the first time), click the Record button and start talking. Comments are currently limited to 30 seconds, but that will be changing very soon (to two minutes)
  4. When you have finished, Preview your recording if you like. Once you’re satisfied, click Attach
  5. Add in any additional text comments as you normally would. Then, Submit the comment.

And that’s all there is to it. The audio comment will either a) be available for immediate listening through the regular Podpress player or, b) in cases where a blogger has moderated comments turned on, appear as soon as the comment as been approved.

For podcasts and podcasters, where audio comments are almost always encouraged and welcomed, this Podpress upgrade truly is a dream plugin. Easy for the commenter. Easy for the podcaster. And a richer experience for the readers and listeners. An all-around winning combination, and one that Mike Bellina and I will be talking about in the upcoming edition of the New Comm Road Podcast.

Give the plugin a try by leaving your audio comment to this post!