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‘Camping’ unconferences abound

There’s a whole lot of “camping” taking place next month.
In addition to PodCamp Boston on the weekend September 9-10, MobiCamp will be held in Los Angeles on Monday, September 11 and CreativeCamp will take place in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 16.

MobiCamp will focus on the mobile industry and is being presented by Airborne Entertainment. Inspired [...]

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PodCamp Boston video tour

Christopher Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast has put together a video tour of Bunker Hill Community College, here where PodCamp Boston will be taking place on September 9-10.

Chris also offers some tips on what to bring — and what not to bring — to PodCamp.
And, link of course, there is still time [...]

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Here’s the latest installment in my (extremely!) low-budget video podcast series.
Today, I talk about the value of blogs’ and podcasts’ targeted content for marketers and advertisers.

(Google Video link)
Maybe next time I will also manage to keep my chin within the frame for the entire podcast
Other sites mentioned:Phedippidations, PodCamp Boston.
Technorati tags: Steve [...]

Monster’s Webby

Smiling faces all around yesterday the office yesterday when our 2006 Webby Award arrived. In our first-ever nomination, The Monster Career Advice section beat out the four other competitors in the Employment category.
Our five-line acceptance speech? “Note to self: Update resume.”
Check out the video highlights from the June 12th gala in [...]

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In search of an “AOL for podcasts.”
Hosted by Bryan Person and Mike Bellina.
Subscribe to the New Comm Road podcast. It’s free, and it ensures you won’t miss a single episode! Find us in the iTunes store or paste this feed into iTunes or your podcatching software of choice:

Podcast ID [...]

icon for podpress  NCR 012: 2006-AUGUST-23: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
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Clearly, I still have a lot to learn about video.

Update: I uploaded the video to Google Video, and the sync with the audio is just fine.
(Google Video link)
(YouTube link)
The video and audio are also out of sync. Amusing this time, perhaps, but I don’t want it to happen again. Any suggestions on how to [...]

Across the Sound turning 50

The Juice Man, Joseph Jaffe, is hosting a Skypecast on Sunday, August 20, at 12:00pm EDT (-4 GMT) to commemorate the 50th episode of his Across the Sound podacst.
I plan to take part, and you can too. Here are Joseph’s instructions on joining the Skeypcast. See you there!
(Logo generated by the Web 2.0 Logo [...]

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10 new-media pickup lines

I haven’t been part of the singles scene for several years now (evidence: photo with my wife Stella!). But the imagination can’t help but conjure up some of the pickup lines I might be hearing if I were. Of course, given the nature of this blog, I thought I’d offer 10 of them up [...]

Leaving you in stitches

Check out this promo for PodCamp Boston. It’s perfect example of the power of video — and it’s also bloody hilarious.

* YouTube link
Technorati tags: PodCamp Boston, PodCamp.
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Torontonian Leesa Barnes made a brilliant pitch of her podcasting services to author Craig Davidson earlier this week — with a Podonomics blog post!
Davidson, whose first book, The Fighter, is due to be published in late September, said in a recent article in the Toronto Globe and Mail (subscription required) that taking out an advertisement [...]

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