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Last week I wrote about a new blogging venture by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Boston’s Roman Catholic archbishop.
Well, the blog — Cardinal Seán’s Fall Trip To Rome — has been up and running for about a week now, and the early signs are promising.
As promised by the archdiocese, O’Malley has written at least one post per [...]

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Want some more posts on podcast consultants?
Here’s one that’s been generating some online buzz: “Top 5 Corporate Podcast Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague.” The comment thread that follows the post is worth a read as well, as readers build on Tony Valle’s list. (Hat tip: C.C. Chapman at Managing the Gray)
Also, John C. Havens [...]

Donna Papacosta offers an excellent comment in response to a post by Leesa Barnes about questions to ask and issues to consider when deciding whether to hire a “podcast consultant.”
Donna writes:
I would look for business experience, particularly communications experience. This comes back to the idea of content as all-important in a [...]

Leesa Barnes has brought back her Podonomics podcast, and this week she grills me with five questions about how PodCamp successfully used social media to stage a successful conference — and generate a positive cash flow (we’re putting that money right back into the development of future PodCamps).
At the end of the show I challenge [...]

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A nice “Small Business Matters” column by Jennifer Heldt Powell in today’s Boston Herald about the benefits of business blogging: “Blogs offer big bang to small biz” (gotta love those Herald headlines).
Both Chris Brogan and I are mentioned in the story. Here’s my quote:
“[Blogging] is an open conversation with customers,” said Bryan Person, a [...]

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Think PodCamp is a success story? It is.
Think people are hungry to talk and learn about podcasting and new media? They are.
A mere 11 days after the inaugural PodCamp concluded in Boston, patient five other PodCamps have already been announced:

PodCampWest – San Francisco, November 2006
PodCamp Pittsburgh – tentatively scheduled for November 2006
Podcamp Philly [...]

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Boston archbishop starts a blog

Interesting story in today’s Boston Globe about a new blog being started By Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston.
The blog — Cardinal Seán’s Fall Trip To Rome — is expected to include at least one post per day during O’Malley’s 10-day visit to Rome. It’s being started as an experiment, according to [...]

It’s been a week since the landmark PodCamp Boston took place at Bunker Hill, and I’m still flying high.
The event far surpassed the expectations of even our organizing team. We were hoping for 200 participants. We wound up with some 250-300. We were hoping for two full days of sessions. We wound up [...]

Zooming past 100 posts

With all of the catching up from PodCamp during the past week (and there’s still some more of that to come), I didn’t even take notice of my 100th post. Coincidentally, that post had this title: “Proud of our success.”
If this blog is indeed a success, then you a reader are a big part of [...]

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Five stories from PodCamp Boston and five new-media lessons we can take from those stories.
Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and published for Saturday, September 16, 2006.
Subscribe to the New Comm Road podcast. It’s free, and it ensures you won’t miss a single episode! Find us in the iTunes store [...]

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