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… which might be because we live on a small, quiet street without many young children.

My daughter was the only kid to knock on our door, and that was all for the camera, of course.
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The boys from are back with another video demonstrating the combustible combination that is Diet Coke + Mentos.
But this time, click Coke has come along for the fun.
BL Ochman has more, including the back story.
This Experiment No. 214 is certainly a hoot, though there have to be questions about whether the effort [...]

While my pal Ed Lee is spending his Halloween ruminating over 24 and PR comings and goings up in Toronto, I thought I’d blog about something truly useful: namely, an entertaining alternative for conducting your web searches!
Ms. Dewey certainly, ahem, gives search a whole new look. Type in a word or phrase, and Ms. Dewey [...]

Dan York has an excellent post on the need to create descriptive headlines for your RSS feeds.
Consider this shocking revelation, folks: most people monitoring blog posts, podcasts, Technorati watches, and RSS news feeds have neither the time nor the inclination to read or listen to all of the content that comes into their RSS [...]

Thanks to Nicole Simon Fabio Bacigalupo, PodCamp Germany is now in the works.
The event is being planned for Berlin in January and will become the first PodCamp held outside of the United States (PodCamp Toronto is scheduled for late February).
If you can read German, you can follow the details of PodCamp Germany on, [...]

For Christmas two years ago I created a scrapbook for my wife and daughter that chronicled their first year in the United States (they immigrated from Kenya, via Australia, just before Christmas in 2003). The process involved just what you might expect — buying an album and an assortment of non-acrylic materials such as brushes, [...]

At yesterday’s launch of crayon inside Second Life, president and founder Joseph Jaffe said his company wants to “use new marketing to prove new marketing.”

So here’s an idea for the gang of crayons that would do just that: organize the first-ever CaseCamp Second Life and host it at your new digs on Crayonville Island.
CaseCamp, [...]

The blog that almost was …

Heard a disappointing story this afternoon in an audio comment from Rob Cottingham on Episode 183 of the For Immediate Release podcast.
It was a story about a blog that almost was — and a blog that should have been — for the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. A publishing plan had been put in place. [...]

New world meets the old world

Love this shot of from Shel Israel, who’s presently traveling through Europe meeting creative and passionate people as he researches his next book about “Global Neighborhoods.”

Part of Shel’s description:
She was sitting there in the doorway of an Estonian home built perhaps 800 years ago, ignoring the rain, intently staring at the screen of her Apple [...]

Ed Lee, PR blogger and former guest co-host of New Comm Road, has drawn a line in the virtual sand — and he doesn’t plan on crossing it.
In a post earlier tonight, Ed wrote that he’s withholding a post summarzing comments that a few bloggers, including me, offered following his questions to the front men [...]

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