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PodCamp Nano?

“PodCamp Nano” … coming soon?
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A recent post from Alexandre Henault reminded me that many of us on the social-media scene — myself included — like to talk about the value of “joining the conversation” when citing the benefits of blogging, podcasting, commenting on blogs and podcasts, participating in social-media networks, etc.
But lately, I’m starting to think that we’re using [...]

I was browsing TheNewPR’s list of business podcasts last week and came across the SimonSays Podcast, a weekly show from publisher Simon & Schuster about its latest books and audiobooks.
Take a gander at the show archives and you’ll find three episodes from this month, four from October, four from September, and so on. Indeed, [...]

‘World champion blogger’?

Have you ever considered putting this title on your business card — “world champion blogger“?
Maybe Tom Raftery should. The title may not have been of your own choosing, check Tom, but why not run with it?
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A good video interview here by JD Lasica at last weekend’s PodCamp West with Michael Geoghegan that’s all about the business of podcasting.
Michael certainly knows of what he speaks, having created the popular — and lucrative — Grape Radio podcast. He’s also the CEO of GigaVox Media network and author of Podcast solutions.
Technorati [...]

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Up-front disclosure: the podcast I’m about to recommend is one that I’m paid to post-produce.
The Intercultural Development Research Association, an independent, private non-profit based in San Antonio, Texas, recently began publishing the “IDRA Classnotes” podcast as a way to let educators around the region — and the nation — know about their important efforts in [...]

icon for podpress  Episode 3: IDRA Classnotes : Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Social Media Bingo

The ever-so-clever Ed Lee has come up with a great time-waster: Social Media Bingo
Have you ever found yourself shaking your head at the ridiculous amount of overused jargon in the PR world today? Have you ever attended a number of talks and/or functions only to hear the same recycled phrases? Do you think our community [...]

Here’s a great way to get out of a meeting or conference call: Make sure you’re “busy blogging.”

This video originally came from, but that site appears down at the moment.
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My CaseCamp partners in crime share their thoughts on the announcement of CaseCamp Second Life:

From C.C. Chapman on Episode 22 of Managing the Gray. C.C. also spends time talking about building costs in Second Life.
From Kate Trgovac.

Eli Singer, the fourth organizer and CaseCamp founder, had his blog hacked into recently, so you’ll just have [...]

The speed and cooperation of the social-media world continue to blow me away.
On October 27, I mused in a post on this blog that crayon should organize a CaseCamp in Second Life. As good fortune would have it, it didn’t take long for Kate Trgovac to respond and ask why we couldn’t start organizing the [...]

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