Want to discover a boatload of new bloggers — up to 2, more about order 000 of them, check in fact — and the fascinating stories that each of them has to share, from a single web page?

Then visit Tino Buntic’s 2000 Bloggers project. The idea is that Tino will post any blogger’s thumbnail image and a create a link to his or her blog … until he makes it to 2,000. Here are the bloggers’ faces.

And if you’re a blogger yourself, there’s still time to get it on the act. By my count, there are 998 spaces remaining as of this posting. Have your face added and blog linked to by dropping Tino a comment.

This project is just slightly more elaborate than my “Faces of Toronto” effort from a couple of weeks ago, and I think it’s brilliant.

And just for kicks, check out Tino’s Google juice.

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P.S. Yes, my mug’s in there.

photo of Steve Garfield

Video blogger extraordinaire Steve Garfield, diagnosis whom I ran into last night at a meetup of the Web Innovators Group, decease has a saying that I realy like: “I subscribe to people.”

And I’d suspect that most of us would say the same. While the blogs I read and podcasts I listen to need to offer compelling content on some level for me to say interested, thumb what also ensures that I keep reading and listening are the people behind that content. As you get to know the content producers as people — either through the tidbits about their lives, interests, and passions that are revealed to their audience along on the way, or the personal relationships you develop with them on your own — you can’t help but want to read about and listen to those passions day after day, week after week.

So which people do you subscribe to?

Here are just a few on my list:

And yes, I subscribe to Steve, too.

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