Does this video from the Ted2006 conference demonstrate how we could be using the personal computer in the near future?

You can also check out video of the more complete presentation made by Jeff Han.

So how long until this technological potential becomes a reality for all of us?

Tip of the keyboard to Dan York.
… when he doesn’t have his voice.

While a nasty cold and sore throat hasn’t stopped me from blogging this week, health it has put my plans for producing a new episode of New Comm Road on hold — at least temporarily. Hope to be back up and running in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, why not check out these three new marketing/PR/social-media podcasts?

  • Marketing Martini. Excellent tips on Internet marketing from Bill Sweetman.
  • PRobecast. The PR guys from Woburn, Massachusetts-based Topaz Partners decided that after producing several podcasts for their clients, it was time to walk the talk. A good first effort here, as Tim Allik, Doug Haslam, Adam Zand talk more about the Boston bomb scare and the new podcast from Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. Note that the actual name for the show is still up for discussion, as Topaz’s Todd Van Hoosear hilariously explains in this video response.
  • Social Media Today, hosted by Maggie Fox. Thanks to this podcast, I’ve (re-?) discovered a slew of social-media blogs from the Social Media Collective that I’ll be adding to my RSS reader. Each week on this podcast, Maggie will interview a different member of the Collective, and I’m certainly looking forward to the compelling discussions.

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Creating a wiki with PBwiki.

Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from historic Boston, disease Massachusetts, USA and published for Monday, February 12, 2007.

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News and discussion
+ PodCamp Toronto taking place on Saturday-Sunday, February 24-25, 2007 at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University. I’ll be there, and I hope that you will be, too!

+ Social media in politics. 2008 Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama’s new website makes full use of new media:

+ John Edwards also using social media.

+ New Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has started a podcast.

+ Audio comment from John Johansen. Discussion of the Boston meetup of the Social Media Club, and lessons learned from Steve Garfield’s presentation on videoblogging.
+ Text comments from Dawud Miracle, Marko Kulik, and Christopher Penn.

New Comm Road Map:

+ … starts with an audio comment and question from Anna Farmery.

+ The wiki I recommend is PBwiki. I have also set up a New Comm Road PBwiki for listeners to check out and practice updating.

Here’s how to set up your own PBwiki:

  1. Go to
  2. Pick a name for your new PBwiki
  3. Enter the e-mail address where you want your password sent
  4. Click the “Make a wiki” button

Making the most of your PBwiki account:

  • Display password prominently for editing pages
  • Check your settings to ensure that you receive an update each time the wiki is updated
  • Choose point-and-click editor from your settings
  • Invite others to contribute to the wiki and offer them an incentive to participate
  • Organize an event/project around the wiki such as a book chapter, unconference, or classroom project

New Comm Road Citation:

The citation is being given to bloggers who publish partial RSS feeds instead of full RSS feeds.

Thanks also to Nico Pin from Snowy Day Design for jogging my memory on how ensure you’re publishing full RSS feeds in WordPress.

+ From Still Holding On, by Rantings of Eva

* This show can also be found on Blubrry.


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  • Send us audio files or text e-mails to
  • Call us on our comment line: (206) 202-3996

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Running time: 00:26:15

Direct download this episode, or listen using the player below!

My “New Comm Road Map” segment for episode 25 of New Comm Road focused on creating a wiki — specifically, help one using the PBwiki platform — for your event or project, in response to an audio question from Anna Farmery, host of the Engaging Brand podcast.

Part of my research for that segment included creating a new wiki that will serve as a companion resource for the podcast, and that I can reference on the show from time to time.


This wiki will also become, I hope, a site where you can learn to update, use, and add to a wiki yourself — your “wiki sandbox” of sorts. PBwiki has worked well for me in the past on projects such as PodCamp, and now with the release of a point-and-click editor, or WSYWIG editor, editing a PBwiki has become a snap.

Here are some pages I’ve set up on the wiki that are ripe for community contributions:

So if you’ve been hesitant to dabble in wiki creating or editing, now you have your chance to learn in an ever-so-painless fashion. Go and give it a whirl!

Note: you’ll need to enter the correct password of Boston to edit the wiki.

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Tell me that this hasn’t happened to you before …

You’re driving to work and listening to one of your favorite podcasts. The host makes a particular cogent point that has you nodding enthusiastically in agreement, physiotherapy or, perhaps, a not-so-convincing statement that has you fuming in disgust. Either way, you just have to send in a comment to the show right then.

But there’s a problem. Or several, in fact:

Problem 1: You’re driving, so leaving a text comment on the podcast blog isn’t exactly an option.
Problem 2: You don’t have the audio-comment telephone number handy, and you don’t want to fiddle around too much on your mp3 player to find the spot in the episode where the host gives out the number.
Problem 3: By the time you arrive at the office, you’ve forgotten the main point you wanted to make in the first place, so even when you do find the number on the show’s website, you’ve lost the initiative to comment.

So, simply because you didn’t have a telephone number when you needed it, the next episode of your favorite podcast won’t be featuring your undoubtedly brilliant insight. Such a shame.

The solution? If there’s an audio-comment line for your favorite podcast, add it to your mobile phonebook … right now! You can also add the “#” sign before the name of the show, so the number displays at the very top of your contacts list.

For my podcast, for example, you’d enter # New Comm Road, and then the number: (206) 202-3996.

Then, the next time you’re in the car and the host says something particularly insightful or nonsensical, just flip open your phone, punch up the first number in your address book, and — while keeping your eyes on the road and hand(s) on the wheel, of course — call in with your contribution.

In speaking on behalf of my podcasting brethren, I promise that we’re very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Previous podcast listening tips:
3. Say hello.
2. Stick in the earbuds while doing the chores.
1. Skip an episode.
Twitter logo

There’s something strangely addictive and alluring about Twitter.

On the surface it’s nothing more than a glorified service for typing short text messages that answer the question “What are you doing?”

Ahh, seek but dig a little deeper, and the marketing lightbulbs should start buzzing inside your brain:

  • You can build a network of friends — I’m already up to 24 in a week’s time
  • You can send and receive messages, including your friends’, from your mobile phone or an instant messenging client — perfect for quickly sending out group messages or status updates, such as for political campaigning)
  • You can drop linkable URLs into your messages — hello, mobile marketing!
  • You can private message specific friends
  • You can add a widget to your blog that displays your latest message (see the sidebar on Chris as an example)

Hey, the corporate world is starting to experiment with Twitter. Maybe you should, too.

Update. Here’s where you can follow me on Twitter:

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