111th Boston Marathon

Today is one of the best days of the year for those of us who live in the Historic Boston area. It’s Patriots Day.

Patriots Day means two things: 1) the running of the Boston Marathon 2) A morning Red Sox game at Fenway Park (a bonus third item is a lighter-than-normal commute, help website like this since many workers across the state — though not I — have the day off).

Thanks to a powerful spring storm from Mother nature, the baseball game has already been moved to a 12:05pm from its scheduled 10:05am start, and could be pushed back even later or even postponed if Mother Nature doesn’t relent.

But the 111th running of the Boston Marathon is certainly on, and fellow New England podcaster Steve Runner will be among the field of 20,000 pushing his way through the elements.

Steve Runner on the morning of the Boston Marathon

Steve Runner, a couple of hours before the start of the race

I’ll be monitoring Steve’s progress in the race on the marathon’s individual tracking page (just enter Steve’s bib number of 23627 to follow along yourself; note that Steve’s actual last name is Walker — get it?), and through his periodic Tweets and Flickr photos from the road. Steve has been training rigorously over the past several months in pursuit of a personal course record, and I have no reason to think he won’t accomplish that, lousy weather or not.

But you know what would make marathon tracking even more efficient for me? RSS feeds. I’d really like to see the BostonMarathon.org site spitting out individual feeds for each runner, or a mashup for those of us who are following multiple runners. Here’s hoping that setup will be in place for the 2008 race.

In the mean time, best of luck to all the runners today, most especially to Steve but also to all the Kenyans. I’m not exactly going out on a limb here, but I am predicting that at least one of my wife’s compatriots will be standing in the winners’ circle in a few hours’ time.

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