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Here is an audio comment that I’ve just sent on to Topaz Partners ahead of the group’s scheduled Friday-afternoon recording of PRobecast, a weekly PR podcast.

In episode 12 last week, co-host Tim Allik (the show’s hosts rotate from week to week) mentioned liveblogging on behalf of a client, The Scuderi Group, on the Air Hybrid Blog.

Air Hybrid Blog logo

In this comment, I question 1) whether it’s PR’s place to do the actual blogging for a client in the first place (my take: it’s not) 2) why the ghostblogging isn’t at least disclosed. On this blog, none of the posts includes an author’s name, so we really don’t know who’s doing the writing. The About page, which hasn’t yet been updated, also doesn’t offer any clues.

I look forward to Topaz’s response to this comment on PRobecast 13, which should be released over the weekend.

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