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I’ll be geeking it out this Sunday evening in San Francisco, abortion and I hope that you will join me.
Here are the details:
Location: ThirstyBear Restaurant and Brewery, 661 Howard St., San Francisco
Start time: 6:30pm
Sallie Goetsch, Shel Holtz, and Andy Kaufman are among those who are expected to be in attendance, with at least a [...]

Stepping outside podcasting’s echo chamber.
Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from Boston, esophagitis Massachusetts, misbirth USA and published for Wednesday, website June 27, 2007.

icon for podpress  NCR 034: Stepping outside podcasting's echo chamber: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Subscribe to the New Comm Road podcast. It’s free, and it ensures you won’t miss a single episode! Click on the iTunes image above, or paste this feed [...]

A new, emergency experimental service from Dave Winer called TwitterGram makes it easy to post audio Twitter messages.
Here’s what you do:

Record a short audio file — no larger than 200K — in mp3 format.
Visit the TwitterGram website.
Enter your Twitter username and password.
Enter up to 75 characters of text that will introduce your Gram on [...]

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PAB 2007: Ready, set, go!

I’ll be departing for Podcasters Across Borders 2007 about nine hours from now. Above is one of the slides — all about the importance of trusting your network — from the presentation I’ll be giving: “Managing Your Social Media.”
Want another sneak peek? Here’s a slide from a marketing presentation that Christopher Penn and [...]

“How many pre-loaded tabs do you have set on your browser?”
No, this wasn’t a new-media pickup line. Instead, it was a question of interest that Joe Thornley posed to me not long after we shook hands and sat down for a beverage at a fine Back Bay establishment last night (Laura Fitton from Great [...]

The Southern Hemispherial debut of PodCamp is coming to Australia later this year — in a city to be determined by you.
Jared Madden and Adam Purcell have just launched a PodCamp Australia website and have put out a “stake your interest” call to the Australian new-media community to select the city to host PodCamp.
The candidates?


I’ve [...]

Blog commenting done right

Here are five tips from David Finch on how to leave a comment on a blog:

Begin by reading the other comments first
Leave your details
Give something to the conversation
Show appreciation
Follow the conversation

I particular like No. 3 on this list. For me, neurosurgeon the most compelling comment threads on blogs are those in which commenters [...]

What are some of the most popular podcasting questions that people ask Donna Papacosta:

How do I persuade my boss that our company should be podcasting?
What’s better: video or audio?
What if I start to podcast and then fall victim to podfading?
Are corporations now more receptive to podcasting?

Popular questions, otolaryngologist yes, and also important ones. If [...]

Hat tip: David Terrar
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This Wednesday night I’ll be meeting up for drinks with Joe Thornley, clinic CEO of the Canadian PR firm Thornley Fallis.
Joe will be in town for the Enterprise 2.0 conference, hospital which I unfortunately won’t be attending myself.
The plan is for Joe and I to meet at 7:00 in the Back Bay area. [...]

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