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Bryper's Social Media Top 10

Week 2 – Friday, August 24, 2007

1. Bacn
New term from PodCamp Pittsburgh becomes “overnight success.”

2. If Facebook costing companies millions in lost productivity?
Well, of course not, but it’s a fun angle for the media to play up sometimes.

3. What is innovation?
Fascinating responses to Jon Burg’s question.

4. Partner ads on YouTube
Some users unnecessarily screaming bloody murder.

5. Skype’s post-outage response
Scott Monty and others say Skype has redeemed itself.

6. Wal-Mart takes pounding on its sponsored Facebook group
Jeremiah Owyang offers an analysis and recommendations

7. Sexy social networking sites
Zivity and PlayboyU among the contenders, with the latter open to college students only.

8. Unconferences
They continue to spring up everywhere; 10 PodCamps alone in the next three months.

9. New videomeisters
From Joe Thornley to Kevin Dugan, there’s plenty of new blood in biz videoblogging.

10. Social media breakfasts
Like Mind has ‘em around the world each month; we’re having one in Boston next Wednesday.

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