David Cutler
(Photo by Steve Garfield)

I like David Cutler’s takeaways from the first Social Media Breakfast, information pills held this past Wednesday in Boston:

  1. The tools and reach of online technology enable us to set up meaningful in-person meetups.
  2. Practice “netweaving.”

What is netweaving? Here’s what David writes:

NetWeaving events put a spin on the traditional networking process. “What can I do for you?” rather than “What can you do for me?” The results are fantastic. People spend hours trying to involve themselves in others’ needs. To give of themselves first. In traditional networking, you show up to work the room and try to make a few contacts. At a NetWeaving event, all the people in the room are trying to make connections for each other.

NetWeaving is connecting people, and positioning yourself as a resource to others — often on a totally gratuitous basis — just with the belief to know that “what goes around, comes around.” This attitude shift makes you aware of the needs of others and at the same time challenges you to draw on your full range of resource – interest, intelligence, and contacts.

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