Bryper's Social Media Top 10

Week 3 – Friday, August 31, 2007

1. Lifestreaming
I’m not sure this is a game-changing concept, but aggregating your disparate social media content into a single place certainly can be helpful.

2. Backlash against Scoble
His videos about the future of search have people fired up.

3. A pissed-off Tom Coates.
If you’re preparing a blogger relations campaign, don’t bother pitching him.

4. So why can’t some Americans find their own country on a map?
Should I laugh or cry over Miss Teen South Carolina’s attempt at an answer?

5. 8 out of 10 Americans have heard of blogs
A Marketing Daily study shows the nation is getting better acquainted with blogging

6. The ‘Facebook Undertow’
Mitch Joel blog says quality AND quantity of friendships now matter in social networking

7. The Facebook factor
Jackie Huba writes about the social network’s fast-moving, word-of-mouth power.

8. Twitter
It continues to play an important role in creating and strengthening online and offline connections.

9. PodCamp Boston 2
Still almost two months to go, and we’re closing in on 700 registrants.

10. What’s in your bag?
A clever Flickr meme.

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