Bryper's Social Media Top 10

Week 4 – Saturday, September 8, 2007

1. Facebook public search
When you type in your name in Google in a couple of weeks, don’t be surprised to see a portion of your Facebook profile showing up near the top of that first results page.

2. Pass the Quechup.
This new social network didn’t endear itself to new users by unleashing what Christopher Penn calls a “TrustVirus.”

3. New iPods/cheaper iPhones
Steve Jobs had the loyal Apple followers in the palm of his hand this week. And if you own an iPhone, get ready to receive your $100 gift card!

4. Are Social Media Releases still “special”?
Cisco put out an SMR to great fanfare this week; Todd Defren says it should be standard operating procedure.

5. The “social” in social media
This space would be far less interesting if none of us ever met face-to-face, don’t you think?

6. Those stinkin’ cats
Twitter’s scheduled 2.5-hour down time on Thursday lasted much, much longer. Is a mass exodus to Jaiku in the offing?

7. Podcasting on the way out?
Hey, Alex Iskold: You can listen to a podcast away from your computer.

8. Google Reader now has search
An RSS reader from Google without search is now a thing of the past.

9. Unconference season
PodCamp? BarCamp? The Ragan unconference? BlogOrlando? Unconferences are everywhere this month.

10. Working on Labo[u]r Day
Admit it: The government said you had last Monday off — so you used the day to get more social media work done.

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