Not the headline you were expecting from a guy who works for Monster, diagnosis right?

Well, recipe the time has come to declare the death of the traditional resume for the creative professional.

If you’re an online advertiser, rheumatologist digital marketer, or social media-focused PR pro, then you know that the one- or two-page resume that you’re supposed to send to the hiring manager or HR coordinator does very little justice to your work. To wit:

  • It doesn’t reflect the thought leadership of your blog or podcast.
  • It doesn’t list the online responses to the award-winning YouTube video you produced for a client or the comments you received to a post-mortem blog entry about your ground-breaking integrated social media campaign.
  • It doesn’t tell your potential employer where and how you’re commenting online.
  • It doesn’t show the depth and breadth of your professional network or online presence.

Let’s face it: The traditional resume just does a woefully inadequate job of telling your career story and showcasing your brilliant work to a recruiter.

My solution? Let’s banish the traditional resume to the bygone era it comes from and adopt the social media resume as its replacement.

My Boston podcasting and PodCamp colleague Christopher S. Penn first coined the term “social media resume” back in February of this year, and he even produced a sample in Google Pages.

To demonstrate how I might apply for a creative position using the SMR format, I’ve largely followed Chris’s lead and produced my own sample: Bryan Person’s social media resume.

Here are some of the elements I’ve included in my SMR that wouldn’t “fit” into a the traditional resume:

What else might I have added?

  • A link to my blog and podcast profile pages in Technorati
  • An introductory audio or video message (Chris did the latter)
  • Screen captures of websites I had created

I’m putting out two challenges here:

  1. I want to see more of my colleagues creating social media resumes.
  2. I want to hear from recruiters and hiring managers for creative positions who are ready to ditch the stale, traditional resume and embrace the social media resume as the new gold standard.

Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

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