Bryper's Social Media Top 10

It’s been a while, but the Social Media Top 10 finally returns from its autumn hiatus this week.

Week 5 – Friday, October 12, 2007

1. Google buys Jaiku
But if the members of my online community all hang on Twitter, does it matter? It might, especially if Twitter “can’t get its act together” soon.

2. Social media news release
Verizon FiOS and Ford this week, HupSpot last week.

3. Amanda Chapel/Strumpette “calls it quits”
Robert French also reveals what he calls Chapel’s “ugly” backstory.

4. Social media case studies
Kami Huyse and Geoff Livingson put out the call, and the responses keep coming in.

5. Social media resume
I’m ready to kill off the traditional resume for the creative fields — and I’m not alone.

6. PodCamp Boston 2
The flagship PodCamp returns in just two weeks. Have you registered?

7. The death of PR
Tom Foremski says the “PR industry … is on borrowed time.”

8. Electric Sheep announces custom viewer for Second Life
I might not classify Second Life as social media, but discussions about it are.

9. RSS coming to Facebook groups?
Ning offers RSS feeds for group messages. Time to do the same, Facebook.

10. Conference Ustreaming
How along until until we’ll see live video streams from all conferences?

What did I miss?

Although I’ve been silent with my SMT10 lists the past few weeks, Doug Haslam has been having some fun with his weekly off-the-wall Social Media Top 5 offerings. Thanks for filling the void, Doug.

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