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Until I caught wind of Colin Browning’s vacation plans 10 days ago, sales it never actually occurred to me that someone could take a vacation in Antarctica.
I mean … Antarctica? The coldest place on earth (even if it summer there right now)?  The continent that’s not even a country? Other than scientists, viagra buy [...]

Late last week I happened upon a post from Michelle Tampoya describing a networking event in Toronto that featured speed mentoring for marketers. Essentially, information pills small groups of marketing newbies would move around the room and pepper experts with real-world questions in three-minute bursts.
Now, medical why not apply this same concept [...]

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If you’re looking for an easy way to use a Flash-based audio player for your blog post or web page, pestilence then the Yahoo! Media Player could be the tool for you.
To put the player into action, simply create direct links to one or more .mp3 files, as I’m doing here with three [...]

Now, troche wait a minute: That’s bacn, not bacon.
Anyway … if you don’t know, bacn is a term that emerged from PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 last August and refers to e-mail you receive that isn’t spam but isn’t exactly a personal e-mail, either. It’s mail you want to receive — but just not right now.
Still [...]

Last week Dan York blogged about a topic that hits home with those of us who love RSS: Staying informed online without visiting the actual websites that publish the information we’re consuming:
I don’t go to friends’ websites. (Sorry!) I don’t go to my employer’s website. I don’t go to any organization’s websites. I don’t go [...]

Things have been pretty quiet on this blog over the last month-plus, recuperation but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been following and participating in my fair share of social media conversations. Of note:

I’ve been Tumbling responses to my (almost-) daily questions to my Twitter pals. Tumblr is an easy-to-use tool for publishing not [...]

I tend to be party pooper when it comes to blog tagging games, physician but when Scott Monty tapped me for the “Eight Things” meme a few days ago, I decided I should play along. I needed a good excuse to rouse myself from my blogging holiday slumber, and this was it.

Here goes:
1. My [...]

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