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Jim Storer had the line of the morning at Social Media Breakfast 5, phlebologist held this past Wednesday, February 13, at the S & S Restaurant in Cambridge, when he referred to microblogging as the “gateway drug to social media.”
And he’s right.
Think of the people you’ve spoken with or trained for whom traditional blogging [...]

Australians say “sorry” to Aborigines

I’ll let Paull Young give this post a proper intro:
Today every proud Australian will stand a little taller as the Australian Parliament formally apologises to our indigenous aboriginal people for wrongs committed since our nation was colonised 200 odd years ago.
From the viewpoint of this American, pharm who lived, worked, studied, and married in [...]

Here are the number from messages to the @Ivoted Twitter account that I set up on Super Tuesday:

83 reply messages and 4 direct messages to @Ivoted (I stopped tabulating after Wednesday morning)
Of those 87 total messages, capsule 77 declared they had voted and 1 announced he was going to be voting later in the [...]

Inspired by Jeremiah Owyang’s efforts to gather and track messages from Twitter users’ chatter around Super Bowl ads on Sunday night, heart I’ve started a little experiment of my own and created an Ivoted account on Twitter.
The idea is simple: Once you’ve voted on this Super Tuesday, send a Twitter message to @Ivoted. [...]

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