Here are the number from messages to the @Ivoted Twitter account that I set up on Super Tuesday:

  • 83 reply messages and 4 direct messages to @Ivoted (I stopped tabulating after Wednesday morning)
  • Of those 87 total messages, 77 declared they had voted and 1 announced he was going to be voting later in the day.
  • 45 users identified which presidential candidate they had voted for. Here’s that vote breakdown:


Well, this is easy! My Twitter followers, and/or my followers’ followers, are largely Obama supporters. He took 78% of the vote among users who identified their choice. Amazingly, not a single known vote for John McCain in all the messages to @Ivoted. McCain, oh by the way, has emerged as Republicans’ presidential candidate in this November’s general election.

Review the messages yourself

* All of the reply messages have been saved to a public Google Doc spreadsheet. Messages are organized in reverse chronological order in the first tab and in alphabetical order in the second tab.

* Here’s Tweet Scan’s display of all messages that included “Ivoted”

What’s next?

The @Ivoted account will remain open, and Twitters users are welcome to reply to it after voting in the primaries and caucuses that remain. However, I don’t intend to actively monitor those messages.

But as for the general election on Tuesday, November 4? Now that’s a different story. I’ll certainly do something, though I’m not sure what just yet. Stay subscribed to this blog, and I’ll keep you informed of my plans.

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