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Last week Dan York blogged about a topic that hits home with those of us who love RSS: Staying informed online without visiting the actual websites that publish the information we’re consuming:
I don’t go to friends’ websites. (Sorry!) I don’t go to my employer’s website. I don’t go to any organization’s websites. I don’t go [...]

Earlier this week I installed a nifty little tool from Snap for the blog.
Roll over the links on this site (internal links excepting) and a little window should pop up with a thumbnail preview of the page you’d be linking to. Here’s a screen capture from my blog to help you get the idea:

Note [...]

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Zooming past 100 posts

The PodCamp festivities got going with a bang last night as the good folks from the Berkman Center hosted a reception for us at Harvard Law School.
We have a good rundown of the evening on the PodCamp Boston Blog and includes video from Chris Penn’s welcome and audio from an inspiring talk by Chris Lydon [...]

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Monster’s Webby

I’ve been having a good back-and-forth over e-mail this week with Chris Brogan about the importance of responding to blog comments on the blog itself.
Chris is a friend and new-media colleague who blogs like a true creative madman/genius at, nurse advice as well as at, the Grasshopper Factory (his about-to-be launched [...]

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