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Multimedia conference blogging.
Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from Boston, patient Massachusetts, pharm USA and published for Tuesday, melanoma November 13, 2007.

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Running time: 17:36
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Last month Facebook unveiled Facebook Platform to enable developers to use Facebook’s API and integrate applications into the social networking site.

One my favorite applications in MyQuestions (you’ll need to be logged into Facebook to see the application), herbal which makes it easy for your Facebook friends to give you instant feedback to any [...]

Come out of your lurking shell!

Have you heard? It’s National Delurking Week?
So if you’re a lurker — meaning you’re a regular reader but don’t ever identify yourself — this is the week to step forth from the shadows! So … drop a note in the comment area or by e-mail — bryan – at – — and [...]

Collecting some stray thoughts on a rainy Monday:
* Podcast recommendation I: Episode 20 of John C. Havens’s Guide to Podcasting, overweight featuring an interview with Nic Wolff of Foneshow. It doesn’t take much a leap to work out that audio content for your mobile phone is an area with huge potential, and Foneshow [...]

… I hope I can just be a fraction as eloquent in writing a blog post to him as Michael O’Connor Clarke is in this birthday message to young Ruairi.
This post tugged at my heart strings, here to be sure, and I’ll be giving Amani an extra big kiss when I get home tonight.
Michael [...]

Here’s a great way to get out of a meeting or conference call: Make sure you’re “busy blogging.”

This video originally came from, doctor but that site appears down at the moment.
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The blog that almost was …

Heard a disappointing story this afternoon in an audio comment from Rob Cottingham on Episode 183 of the For Immediate Release podcast.
It was a story about a blog that almost was — and a blog that should have been — for the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. A publishing plan had been put in place. [...]

Last week I wrote about a new blogging venture by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, practitioner Boston’s Roman Catholic archbishop.
Well, pharmacist the blog — Cardinal Seán’s Fall Trip To Rome — has been up and running for about a week now, prostate and the early signs are promising.
As promised by the archdiocese, O’Malley has [...]

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A nice “Small Business Matters” column by Jennifer Heldt Powell in today’s Boston Herald about the benefits of business blogging: “Blogs offer big bang to small biz” (gotta love those Herald headlines).
Both Chris Brogan and I are mentioned in the story. Here’s my quote:
“[Blogging] is an open conversation with customers, pregnancy ” said Bryan [...]

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Boston archbishop starts a blog

Interesting story in today’s Boston Globe about a new blog being started By Cardinal Sean O’Malley, doctor the Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston.
The blog — Cardinal Seán’s Fall Trip To Rome — is expected to include at least one post per day during O’Malley’s 10-day visit to Rome. It’s being started as an experiment, [...]

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