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The idea of taking a cruise has never interested me, pill in large part because I’m a poster boy for seasickness in any kind of rough seas (I’m still scarred from a whale watch back in the summer of 1990, stuff when choppy waters sent my stomach into a dreadful tailspin).
But my opinion [...]

icon for podpress  Bryper Bits 003: Bum Rush the Charts TODAY!: Download

Want to discover a boatload of new bloggers — up to 2, more about order 000 of them, check in fact — and the fascinating stories that each of them has to share, from a single web page?
Then visit Tino Buntic’s 2000 Bloggers project. The idea is that Tino will post any [...]

icon for podpress  Bryper Bits 002: The promise of the MobaTalk Multimedia Comment System: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Earlier this week I installed a nifty little tool from Snap for the blog.
Roll over the links on this site (internal links excepting) and a little window should pop up with a thumbnail preview of the page you’d be linking to. Here’s a screen capture from my blog to help you get the idea:

Note [...]

icon for podpress  Bryper Bits 001: Should podcasters publish full transcripts on their blogs?: Download

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