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Effective immediately, I’ll be blogging over at The content of that blog won’t be all that different from this one that I’m putting to rest — at least not right away.
This site will remain intact and serve as an archive of my last two years’ worth of blog posts.
To subscribe to in [...]

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Last week Dan York blogged about a topic that hits home with those of us who love RSS: Staying informed online without visiting the actual websites that publish the information we’re consuming:
I don’t go to friends’ websites. (Sorry!) I don’t go to my employer’s website. I don’t go to any organization’s websites. I don’t go [...]

The Boston chapter of the Social Media Club will reconvene next Thursday night, December 6, from 6:00 – 9:30, for a discussion on “the future of social media.” The event takes place at the Boston Ballroom at the Colonnade Hotel and is free to attend. Register by adding your name to the event wiki: future [...]

Uttering from VON – 1

Not the headline you were expecting from a guy who works for Monster, right?
Well, the time has come to declare the death of the traditional resume for the creative professional.
If you’re an online advertiser, digital marketer, or social media-focused PR pro, then you know that the one- or two-page resume that you’re supposed to send [...]

If you’re from Boston, then what I’m about to tell you won’t come as an earth-shattering revelation: Beantowners are hungry for social media.
And as the packed-house crowds at monthly Social Media Club gatherings, blogger dinners, PodCamps, and impromptu Tweetups routinely indicate, the socialness of social media doesn’t just happen online. We really dig [...]

Australia’s first-ever PodCamp will be held in Perth in October. Here’s the text of the e-mail from organizers Jared Madden and Adam Purcell:
Today ended the ‘Stake Your Interest’ campaign for PodCamp Australia, and it was no surprise that Perth has secured it’s place as the host for the first PodCamp to be held on [...]

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As much as I like Google Reader for managing my RSS feeds, its display of Technorati results for my customized search terms is causing me grief.
Here’s a snapshot of post headlines that include the term “Bryan Person” (yes, I ego surf; don’t you?):

At one point, I had several screens’ — and days’ — worth of [...]

Most of the bloggers and podcasters I know have the published blogs and podcasts that you actually see and hear, and a whole bunch of others dancing around in their heads.
I’m no exception. But this week, I decided to make one my “potential projects” a reality with the by launching the Connected Worker website.
Connected [...]

June 30 2007 – Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy morning.

Originally uploaded by Bryper.

Driving over the bridge
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