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I tend to be party pooper when it comes to blog tagging games, physician but when Scott Monty tapped me for the “Eight Things” meme a few days ago, I decided I should play along. I needed a good excuse to rouse myself from my blogging holiday slumber, and this was it.

Here goes:
1. My [...]

Collecting some stray thoughts on a rainy Monday:
* Podcast recommendation I: Episode 20 of John C. Havens’s Guide to Podcasting, overweight featuring an interview with Nic Wolff of Foneshow. It doesn’t take much a leap to work out that audio content for your mobile phone is an area with huge potential, and Foneshow [...]

Merry Christmas!

Here am I with my family just a few weeks ago …
We all wish you a very merry Christmas!
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… I hope I can just be a fraction as eloquent in writing a blog post to him as Michael O’Connor Clarke is in this birthday message to young Ruairi.
This post tugged at my heart strings, here to be sure, and I’ll be giving Amani an extra big kiss when I get home tonight.
Michael [...]

… which might be because we live on a small, patient quiet street without many young children.

My daughter was the only kid to knock on our door, and that was all for the camera, of course.
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  • Comments Off may not have the recognition of “GoogTube” but it sure offers one heck of a service for uploading and distributing videos.
Here’s a video of my newborn son Amani having his first bath, otolaryngologist not long after he was born last weekend.
(Click still image below to stream video)

Once I uploaded the video to, [...]

More photos of Amani

Thank you all for your warm wishes, pilule both on this blog and by e-mail and phone.
Amani and his mother are both doing just fine, this and we couldn’t be happier.
I’ve thrown up a few more photos of Amani and his family on my Flickr site.
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Healthy baby boy!

Here’s a video that’s caught our attention over at Monster:

The video was made by a guy named Anthony Backman — not by Monster. Sure is well done, sales though!
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Originally uploaded by Bryper.

My son came into the world today. Amani Person was born at 5:45 pm [...]

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