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Christopher S. Penn and John Wall were talking in a recent episode of Marketing Over Coffee about a simple way to give your blog a bit of extra Google juice: add your own posts to your shared Google Reader feed.
I’ve already written about the value of sharing interesting posts from others. But what about your [...]

Speaking of book launches again, physician Seth Godin has come up with an interesting idea of his own to promote his new book, adiposity The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), which is scheduled to be released in May.
Here’s the deal: if your US city [...]

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A typical book-launch tour usually involves some combination of the following:

Author gives a presentation about the book — the genesis for it, prosthesis the key ideas, its implications in society, etc.
Author answers a bunch of questions from the audience and tries to give thoughtful answers
Author reads an excerpt from the book
Author autographs inside the [...]

Now here’s an idea I wish we had come up at, here where I work.
Career Builder and Experience have teamed up on a promotion to give students a shot at a “job shadow” in the venture capital industry.
In the “Will Blog for Experience” competition, hemorrhoids five students are blogging on the Experience [...]

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