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Today is one of the best days of the year for those of us who live in the Historic Boston area. It’s Patriots Day.
Patriots Day means two things: 1) the running of the Boston Marathon 2) A morning Red Sox game at Fenway Park (a bonus third item is a lighter-than-normal commute, generic website [...]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2007.
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(I like unusual Technorati tags)
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Merry Christmas!

Here am I with my family just a few weeks ago …
We all wish you a very merry Christmas!
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My Christmas scene

With the success of CaseCamp Second Life and the speed at which the passionate new-media crowd moves and innovates, caries stomatology I should have seen this one coming.
Another *Camp is headed to the virtual world: PodCamp.
The unconference for podcasters and new-media enthusiasts, which began with a flourish in Boston back in September and [...]

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