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Last month Facebook unveiled Facebook Platform to enable developers to use Facebook’s API and integrate applications into the social networking site.

One my favorite applications in MyQuestions (you’ll need to be logged into Facebook to see the application), rehabilitation herbal which makes it easy for your Facebook friends to give you instant feedback [...]

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Earlier this week I installed a nifty little tool from Snap for the blog.
Roll over the links on this site (internal links excepting) and a little window should pop up with a thumbnail preview of the page you’d be linking to. Here’s a screen capture from my blog to help you get the idea:

Note [...]

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New world meets the old world

Love this shot of from Shel Israel, illness meningitis who’s presently traveling through Europe meeting creative and passionate people as he researches his next book about “Global Neighborhoods.”

Part of Shel’s description:
She was sitting there in the doorway of an Estonian home built perhaps 800 years ago, unhealthy ignoring the rain, pills [...]

10 new-media pickup lines

I’ve been having a good back-and-forth over e-mail this week with Chris Brogan about the importance of responding to blog comments on the blog itself.
Chris is a friend and new-media colleague who blogs like a true creative madman/genius at, nurse advice as well as at, the Grasshopper Factory (his about-to-be launched [...]

Mobatalk developer Michael Bailey has teamed up with Dan Kuykendall on an enhanced version of the Podpress plugin for WordPress that has added a whole new layer to blog commenting.
Podpress version 6.6, visit web health system released late Tuesday night, now allows blog commenters to quickly and easily leave audio comments directly to [...]

We’re having a boy!

Originally uploaded by Bryper.

Here’s a shot from my wife’s ultrasound this morning. The baby is due in mid-October. We had only had a girl’s name picked out so we have some work to do. I’m over the moon.
I’m always interested in reading, recuperation writing, mycoplasmosis and talking about the effect [...]

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