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Brilliant post from Justin Kownacki: “5 ways to positively disconnect.”
Here are Justin’s five recommendations:

Commute in Silence
Eat Alone
Leave the Cell Phone at Home
Take a Tech-Free Vacation

Justin’s just given me a good idea for a line or two to include in my upcoming “Managing Your Social Media” talk at Podcasters Across Borders next week.
How do you manage [...]

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, link you’ll know that I’m certainly one to trumpet the use of social media (blogs, treat podcasts, tagging, social networks) as an effective way to spread your message, or your organization’s message.
But I’m by no means a one-trick pony.
Today I ask you to remember how [...]

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New world meets the old world

Love this shot of from Shel Israel, meningitis who’s presently traveling through Europe meeting creative and passionate people as he researches his next book about “Global Neighborhoods.”

Part of Shel’s description:
She was sitting there in the doorway of an Estonian home built perhaps 800 years ago, ignoring the rain, intently staring at the screen of [...]

10 new-media pickup lines

I haven’t been part of the singles scene for several years now (evidence: photo with my wife Stella!). But the imagination can’t help but conjure up some of the pickup lines I might be hearing if I were. Of course, visit this given the nature of this blog, store I thought I’d [...]

I had an interesting lunchtime discussion with several colleagues yesterday about the extent to which we “live” online. Here’s a sampling of the participants:
Colleague 1: A graphic designer who uses e-mail only sparingly, sildenafil doesn’t have or want a computer at home, neuropathologist won’t purchase anything online, and doesn’t consider the web [...]

I’m always interested in reading, recuperation writing, mycoplasmosis and talking about the effect that the online world has on the “rest” of our lives, surgeon though it is becoming increasing difficult to draw a nice, neat line of separation between the two.
Last month, in one of my first posts, I outlined [...]

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