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I was strolling through the trade-show floor at Fall VON last week when I happened upon one company touting the following:
[Company X]’s standardization leadership and innovative solutions empower the quad-play development community with future proof solutions.
I suddenly had the urge to ask the company’s booth rep, “Sorry, what the [bleep] is it that you actually [...]

Couldn’t resist linking to this video of the “running of the Boston brides” — delivered, ironically, by the BBC.

Hey, we Bostonians just love a good bargain!
Imagine what will happen at some of those “Midnight Magic Parties” next month when the final Harry Potter book is released.
Hat tip: Universal Hub
Technorati Tags: Boston brides, Filene’s [...]

The Twitterati’s sense of humour

This amusing flow of Twitter messages popped up last Saturday evening, just as my favorite international cricket team, Australia, was wrapping up its third consecutive Cricket World Cup championship with its finals victory over Sri Lanka:
JaffeJuice – I’m a South African watching australia v Sri Lanka in West Indies from British Airways Lounge at JFK [...]

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Luke Armour has done it again.
The PR pro and new dad, whose home region of Northeast Ohio is apparently bereft of actual face-to-face social media meetups, has just released his second virtual meetup: “A Virtual PR Murder Mystery.”
This 30-minute audio gem is a hilarious whodunit (yes, whodunits can be funny) that features some [...]

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April Fooled by Google

Yes, Google got me.
Somehow, even after warning myself early yesterday morning to be wary of potential online April Fools’ Day pranks, I lost my marbles and fell hard for Google’s “Gmail Paper” announcement when opening my Gmail later in the day.
I told my wife that I had just read “big news” from Google, and then [...]

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OK, I’ll take the bait this time.
I’m not the biggest fan of blog tagging games, but this one actually has the potential to be amusic. Scott Monty, whom I met up with for a couple of a drinks about 10 days ago — and we have Twitter to thank for that — has picked up [...]

My Christmas scene

Answered a series of 12 easy — and amusing — questions over at and created my own Christmas scene. Yup … looks almost right. It’s only missing a representation of newborn son, Amani.
Why don’t you give it a try, too? Just click on the badge below.

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‘World champion blogger’?

Have you ever considered putting this title on your business card — “world champion blogger“?
Maybe Tom Raftery should. The title may not have been of your own choosing, check Tom, but why not run with it?
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Social Media Bingo

The ever-so-clever Ed Lee has come up with a great time-waster: Social Media Bingo
Have you ever found yourself shaking your head at the ridiculous amount of overused jargon in the PR world today? Have you ever attended a number of talks and/or functions only to hear the same recycled phrases? Do you think our community [...]

While my pal Ed Lee is spending his Halloween ruminating over 24 and PR comings and goings up in Toronto, I thought I’d blog about something truly useful: namely, an entertaining alternative for conducting your web searches!
Ms. Dewey certainly, ahem, gives search a whole new look. Type in a word or phrase, and Ms. Dewey [...]

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