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Collecting some stray thoughts on a rainy Monday:
* Podcast recommendation I: Episode 20 of John C. Havens’s Guide to Podcasting, featuring an interview with Nic Wolff of Foneshow. It doesn’t take much a leap to work out that audio content for your mobile phone is an area with huge potential, and Foneshow is making [...]

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A good video interview here by JD Lasica at last weekend’s PodCamp West with Michael Geoghegan that’s all about the business of podcasting.
Michael certainly knows of what he speaks, having created the popular — and lucrative — Grape Radio podcast. He’s also the CEO of GigaVox Media network and author of Podcast solutions.
Technorati [...]

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On Friday morning, like every other weekday morning, Christopher Penn produced and published an episode of the Financial Aid Podcast. There was financial aid news, a mailbag, scholarship information, and podsafe music.
Not much newsworthiness to this post so far. But wait: I’m getting there.
The reason I’m blogging about Friday’s episode of the Financial [...]

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This mystery audio promo has crept into a few business podcasts over the last couple of days — For Immediate Release No. 180, Across the Sound No. 58, and Managing the Gray from October 12, 2006.
Seems like a big announcement on a new-marketing company is coming on Monday.
Can’t wait to hear more.
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Still letting all the events of PodCamp soak in, and I plan to offer a more extended post on the event in this space within the next couple of days.
In the meantime, there’s plenty of good PodCamp talk in episode No. 171 of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report.
With Shel Holtz [...]

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Contender or pretender?

Following last month’s launch — and notoriety — of, copycat sites were sure to follow.
First came (I’ll admit, I deleted his/her comment to my initial post on monthlydollar, although perhaps I did so hastily), which purports to be raising money for a “professional internet portal” for Afghanistan. No takers as of yet.
Now, [...]

A few places of reading and viewing interest to point you to:

The recently concluded Podcast Academy has published a podcast archive, which, as of this writing, already includes links to most of the presentations. Worth checking out.
Podcast Academy photos on Flickr.
A podcasting legal guide.
An article in Business Week (registration required) on Sister Judith Zoebelein, the [...]

… or I will, within the next 24 hours.
For $1.00 a month, I’ll be “employing” the person behind to post my name on his/her site, along with the URL for
Mr./Ms. Monthlydollar already has 47 bosses as of this writing, and with a little publicity from places like the Naked Conversations blog, that number [...]

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