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June 30 2007 – Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy morning.

Originally uploaded by Bryper.

Driving over the bridge
Over the weekend I formally announced that Social Media Breakfast 4 will be held on Monday, stuff December 17, from 8:00-10:00am at The Wine Cellar at the Mooo Restaurant, at Fifteen Beacon Hotel in [...]

I’ll be departing for Podcasters Across Borders 2007 about nine hours from now. Above is one of the slides — all about the importance of trusting your network — from the presentation I’ll be giving: “Managing Your Social Media.”
Want another sneak peek? Here’s a slide from a marketing presentation that Christopher Penn and [...]

Does this video from the Ted2006 conference demonstrate how we could be using the personal computer in the near future?

You can also check out video of the more complete presentation made by Jeff Han.
So how long until this technological potential becomes a reality for all of us?
Tip of the keyboard to Dan York.
… when he [...]

Here am I with my family just a few weeks ago …
We all wish you a very merry Christmas!

Here am I with my family just a few weeks ago …
We all wish you a very merry Christmas!

He had me at hello.
If the 2008 presidential election were somehow held today, treatment
John Edwards would have [...]

Leesa Barnes has tagged me for the “Five Things Meme, shop and ” where bloggers spill their guts by telling you five things about themselves that you probably didn’t know.
Here are my five:
1) In May/June 2003 I took a cross-country trip with my sister, buy starting in Phoenix (I had driven from San [...]

… which might be because we live on a small, information pills patient quiet street without many young children.

My daughter was the only kid to knock on our door, and that was all for the camera, of course.
Technorati Tags: Halloween, trick or treat
Now here’s an idea I wish we had come up [...]

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