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Until I caught wind of Colin Browning’s vacation plans 10 days ago, it never actually occurred to me that someone could take a vacation in Antarctica.
I mean … Antarctica? The coldest place on earth (even if it summer there right now)?  The continent that’s not even a country? Other than scientists, who actually goes there?
Well, [...]

Jeff Pulver is onto something with his face-to-face social tagging efforts.
Exhibit A: Yesterday’s breakfast gathering of some 40 of Jeff’s Facebook and Twitter friends at the S&S Restaurant & Deli in Inman Square in Cambridge for 2-3 hours of good food and even better conversation.
Social tagging in action, in case you’re wondering, means the following:

Grab [...]

icon for podpress  An interview with Jeff Pulver about social tagging and social media [08:55m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Yes, I know it’s been two weeks since PodCamp Boston 2 and you’ve probably already moved onto your next project or conference, but hey: Consider this post part of the PodCamp Boston long tail.
Here are a handful of my takeaways from the event.
PodCamp isn’t just about podcasting.
If you’ve attended a PodCamp or two yourself [...]

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(Photo by Steve Garfield)
I like David Cutler’s takeaways from the first Social Media Breakfast, held this past Wednesday in Boston:

The tools and reach of online technology enable us to set up meaningful in-person meetups.
Practice “netweaving.”

What is netweaving? Here’s what David writes:
NetWeaving events put a spin on the traditional networking process. “What can I do [...]

(Photo by Andrea Mercado)
Twenty-five participants. Dozens of great conversations. New connections. Delicious — and free — food.
Yes, the inaugural Social Media Breakfast held Wednesday morning at The Pour House in Boston was unquestionably a success.
Some nuggets I took away from the event:
Twitter rocks for promoting events. It was far and away the No. 1 [...]

I’ve already written about how far PodCamp has come since we got the new-media community unconference rolling last September in Boston.
Yet another sure sign that PodCamp Boston 2 will be bigger and better than ever? With 85 days to go, we already have nearly as many registrants as we did for the inaugural event.
Take a [...]

It’s hard to believe the first-ever PodCamp only took place last September, when 300 of us gathered over two days at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston (here’s a look back, photo-style).
Well, take a moment right now to consider what this “new-media community unconference” has become in the intervening 11 months, and I think even [...]

Looking for a way to give something back to your favorite bloggers, podcasters, and new-media producers whose content feeds your brain every week?
Christopher Penn, host of Marketing Over Coffee and The Financial Aid Podcast, has just published the “5 Power Promoter Tips” guide that explains how you can do just that.
Here are Chris’s five tips:

Connect [...]

The “say g’day to Paull Young” meetup, which expanded into the first impromptu meetup of the BostonTweeters, was a smashing success Monday night.
As in other instances where I finally came face-to-face with someone I’d corresponded with for a good while online, “meeting” Paull was more proof for me that social media connections are genuine [...]

As the Wall Street Journal rightly points out in its featured technology story today, “How to Be a Star in a YouTube World,” going from amateur to true online superstar requires more than just good talent:
Just as in Hollywood, becoming a hit takes talent, effort, timing and some luck. Sex appeal is just as valuable [...]

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