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Two excellent podcast episodes on social media and nonprofits made their way to my ears in the past week:
Big Ideas, neuropathist Small Budget. In this audio roundtable discussion hosted by Donna Papacosta as part of episode 72 of her Trafcom News Podcast, a group of business communicators talks about the challenges, costs, and rewards [...]

A quick note about a nice gesture from one PR podcaster to another.
Jon Hoel, shop co-host of the PR Junction podcast, this site snapped this photo at the famous Flinders Street Station in his hometown of Melbourne, purchase Australia. He includes the book cover of The Best Laid Plans, the new satirical [...]

Taking a page from Christopher Penn’s playbook, decease here are the audio comment lines for some of my favorite marketing/PR/communications podcasts:
(206) 203-3255 — Across the Sound
(206) 666-2242 — The Client Side
(617) 273-2447 — Disruptive Dialogue
(206) 600-4741 — Inside PR
(206) 222-2803 [...]

What are some of the most popular podcasting questions that people ask Donna Papacosta:

How do I persuade my boss that our company should be podcasting?
What’s better: video or audio?
What if I start to podcast and then fall victim to podfading?
Are corporations now more receptive to podcasting?

Popular questions, otolaryngologist yes, and also important ones. If [...]

Dave Jones, capsule co-host of the outstanding Inside PR podcast, troche included this gem in a list of five things to do as part of spring cleaning your PR career: “Lose the do-what-I’m-told approach.”
Dave’s right. Here are five reasons why simply doing what you’re told on the job is a loser’s game. Some [...]

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Marjolein Hoekstra has pointed me to SplashCast, advice a new service that allows you to create streaming media channels.
As a quick experiment, I whipped up a “CAPOW” channel, which should be appearing below. CAPOW is an informal group of business and communications podcasters — the acronym comes from Communications and Advertising Podcasters Of the [...]

Luke Armour has done it again.
The PR pro and new dad, glands whose home region of Northeast Ohio is apparently bereft of actual face-to-face social media meetups, visit web has just released his second virtual meetup: “A Virtual PR Murder Mystery.”
This 30-minute audio gem is a hilarious whodunit (yes, gastritis whodunits can [...]

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… when he doesn’t have his voice.
While a nasty cold and sore throat hasn’t stopped me from blogging this week, health it has put my plans for producing a new episode of New Comm Road on hold — at least temporarily. Hope to be back up and running in the next few days. Thanks [...]

Six ways to make the most of Technorati.
Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from historic Boston, medicine Massachusetts, buy information pills USA and published for Wednesday, oncologist January 24, 2007.
Subscribe to the New Comm Road podcast. It’s free, and it ensures you won’t miss a single episode! Find us in the [...]

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… I hope I can just be a fraction as eloquent in writing a blog post to him as Michael O’Connor Clarke is in this birthday message to young Ruairi.
This post tugged at my heart strings, here to be sure, and I’ll be giving Amani an extra big kiss when I get home tonight.
Michael [...]

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