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I’m not a guy who’s big on predictions for the new year (and my sports prognostications are only mediocre), but I do enjoy reminiscing. So allow me, if you will, to wax poetic (sort of) on the year that has been and that wraps up in just a couple of hours.
As far as years [...]

Some language prescriptivists (I’m usually not one of them) lament that we English speakers — particularly those of us in North America — thinking nothing of turning nouns into verbs, or “verbyifying.”

“I’m planning to cab, it into town tonight.”
“Oh, my God. Did you see that? She just Britney Spearsed it!” (many possible interpretations here)
“He really [...]

A little more than three days remain until we hold the inaugural CaseCamp Second Life in the Crayonville Amphitheatre.
We held our random drawing over the weekend for the 40 available non-presenting/non-organizing slots, and invitations to the “chosen ones” were sent out last night.
Just to whet your appetite … have a look at the snapshot above [...]

My CaseCamp partners in crime share their thoughts on the announcement of CaseCamp Second Life:

From C.C. Chapman on Episode 22 of Managing the Gray. C.C. also spends time talking about building costs in Second Life.
From Kate Trgovac.

Eli Singer, the fourth organizer and CaseCamp founder, had his blog hacked into recently, so you’ll just have [...]

The speed and cooperation of the social-media world continue to blow me away.
On October 27, I mused in a post on this blog that crayon should organize a CaseCamp in Second Life. As good fortune would have it, it didn’t take long for Kate Trgovac to respond and ask why we couldn’t start organizing the [...]

CaseCamp Second Life will take place on December 14, 2006. Learn more on this podcast.
Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and published for Wednesday, November 15, 2006.
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So I mentioned in the previous post that I was convincted of a major Second Life faux pas earlier this week — “rezzing” a Nissan onto the Toyota sim during the latter’s company’s launch of Scion City.
Confused? So was I.
Let me make this point before I go on: although I’ve spent a fair [...]

I was one of 27 business communicators who took part in the monthly “Second Thurdsday in Second Life” meeting yesterday afternoon. We gathered at the Hipcast Expo Center, which is owned by Eric Rice, for a wide-ranging discussion.
Topics included Second Life media coverage — both inside Second Life and out — the recent rush of [...]

At yesterday’s launch of crayon inside Second Life, president and founder Joseph Jaffe said his company wants to “use new marketing to prove new marketing.”

So here’s an idea for the gang of crayons that would do just that: organize the first-ever CaseCamp Second Life and host it at your new digs on Crayonville Island.
CaseCamp, [...]

How NOT to pitch a blogger and a podcaster.
Hosted by Bryan Person and Mike Bellina.
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