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It’s been a while, but the Social Media Top 10 finally returns from its autumn hiatus this week.
Week 5 – Friday, October 12, 2007
1. Google buys Jaiku
But if the members of my online community all hang on Twitter, does it matter? It might, especially if Twitter “can’t get its act together” soon.
2. Social media news [...]

Week 4 – Saturday, September 8, 2007
1. Facebook public search
When you type in your name in Google in a couple of weeks, don’t be surprised to see a portion of your Facebook profile showing up near the top of that first results page.
2. Pass the Quechup.
This new social network didn’t endear itself to new users [...]

Week 3 – Friday, August 31, 2007
1. Lifestreaming
I’m not sure this is a game-changing concept, but aggregating your disparate social media content into a single place certainly can be helpful.
2. Backlash against Scoble
His videos about the future of search have people fired up.
3. A pissed-off Tom Coates.
If you’re preparing a blogger relations campaign, don’t bother [...]

The ExperienceCurve, CustomScoop, and have all started their own Social Media Top 10 lists since the debut of SMT10 last Friday. If you follow suit, be sure to use the SMT10 Technorati tag.

Week 2 – Friday, August 24, 2007
1. Bacn
New term from PodCamp Pittsburgh becomes “overnight success.”
2. If Facebook costing companies millions in [...]

In the debut of my Social Media Top 10 last Friday, I invited others to create Top 10 lists of their own.
Karl Long, the web/social media integration manager for the video game group at Nokia, is the first reader to take up the challenge; he’s created the The ExperienceCurve Social Media Top 10.
Both Karl [...]

Today, I’m debuting a new list called the Social Media Top 10 — one man’s admittedly very subjective snapshot of the most interesting goings-on in social media.
Each week I’ll list the top 10 names, websites, memes, events, etc. from the world of social media that are capturing my attention.
I don’t expect my top 10 will [...]

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