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Powers answers

In a surprise, skincare my short note to the Corner Kicks World Cup blog yesterday has been answered.
John Powers, troche who’s blogging for the site along with Frank Dell’Apa, replied via e-mail to the message that I sent through the “Stay in Touch” form on the blog yesterday afternoon.
From Powers: “The blogging [...]

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World Cup action

I’ve been sneaking away from my cube a couple of times a day to catch bits and pieces of the World Cup games in our office building’s cafeteria. Earlier today I arrived there just in time to see Radhi Jaidi’s game-tying goal as Tunisia came away with a 2-2 tie against Saudi Arabia.
Online, prostate [...]

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Are you excited about the World Cup, check which starts this Friday? I am.
Admittedly, price I’m a pay-attention-to-soccer-every-four-years kind of fan, but that puts my in good stead with most of my fellow Americans. As Andrei Markovits writes in today’s Boston Globe, soccer is not part of our “hegemonic sports culture” — [...]

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Passionate Sox bloggers, website the online arm for the Boston Globe, my favorite daily newspaper, publishes a number of interesting blogs. Among them are Maura Welch’s Business Filter, which is filled with interesting new-media nuggets; Reiss’s Pieces, which features the latest news on the New England Patriots and was nominated for a 2006 EPpy award as [...]

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