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Now, troche wait a minute: That’s bacn, not bacon.
Anyway … if you don’t know, bacn is a term that emerged from PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 last August and refers to e-mail you receive that isn’t spam but isn’t exactly a personal e-mail, either. It’s mail you want to receive — but just not right now.
Still [...]

Tell me that this hasn’t happened to you before …
You’re driving to work and listening to one of your favorite podcasts. The host makes a particular cogent point that has you nodding enthusiastically in agreement, physiotherapy or, perhaps, a not-so-convincing statement that has you fuming in disgust. Either way, you just have [...]

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Podcast listening tip number 3: Say hello

This is a truism for me and every other podcaster I’ve ever met: we like nothing better than hearing from our listeners.
It’s always a thrill when someone new drops us a line by e-mail, unhealthy via a comment on our podcast blog, troche or by phoning in an audio comment. Or, such [...]

I don’t like doing the dishes. Do you? Somehow, malady I’m just so darn slow at it, illness to the extent that washing up after a simple meal can take me as much as 30 minutes. But one of the best ways I have found to make this task a little less painful [...]

Donna Papacosta and Jason Van Orden have both been giving out some excellent advice on how to create outstanding podcasts, patient and how to promote them.
I’m trying something different. Today, hemophilia I start a series of tips aimed squarely at the podcast listener — how to find interesting podcasts, information pills how [...]

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