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Now, wait a minute: That’s bacn, not bacon.
Anyway … if you don’t know, bacn is a term that emerged from PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 last August and refers to e-mail you receive that isn’t spam but isn’t exactly a personal e-mail, either. It’s mail you want to receive — but just not right now.
Still stumped? Bacn [...]

Tell me that this hasn’t happened to you before …
You’re driving to work and listening to one of your favorite podcasts. The host makes a particular cogent point that has you nodding enthusiastically in agreement, or, perhaps, a not-so-convincing statement that has you fuming in disgust. Either way, you just have to send [...]

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Podcast listening tip number 3: Say hello

This is a truism for me and every other podcaster I’ve ever met: we like nothing better than hearing from our listeners.
It’s always a thrill when someone new drops us a line by e-mail, via a comment on our podcast blog, or by phoning in an audio comment. Or, such as happened [...]

I don’t like doing the dishes. Do you? Somehow, I’m just so darn slow at it, to the extent that washing up after a simple meal can take me as much as 30 minutes. But one of the best ways I have found to make this task a little less painful is to listen to [...]

Donna Papacosta and Jason Van Orden have both been giving out some excellent advice on how to create outstanding podcasts, and how to promote them.
I’m trying something different. Today, I start a series of tips aimed squarely at the podcast listener — how to find interesting podcasts, how to listen to them, and even how [...]

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