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Just about a year ago, cure around the time that Twitter was busting out at the South by Southwest conference, neuropathologist Jack Hodgson and I gave a presentation about Twitter at BarCamp Boston 2.
And as much as we were singing Twitter’s praises, we had a hard time explaining, simply, what Twitter actually [...]

My circle of Twitter pals was abuzz today over the news that two online community/social-media providers — Mzinga and Prospero Technologies — had joined forces as part of a $30 million acquisition (press release).
(In the spirit of full disclosure, pfizer I do podcast production and consulting for Mzinga, pestilence which also sponsored my [...]

icon for podpress  Bryan Person interviews Mzinga's Aaron Strout and Colin Browning [17:20m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Here are the number from messages to the @Ivoted Twitter account that I set up on Super Tuesday:

83 reply messages and 4 direct messages to @Ivoted (I stopped tabulating after Wednesday morning)
Of those 87 total messages, capsule 77 declared they had voted and 1 announced he was going to be voting later in the [...]

Inspired by Jeremiah Owyang’s efforts to gather and track messages from Twitter users’ chatter around Super Bowl ads on Sunday night, heart I’ve started a little experiment of my own and created an Ivoted account on Twitter.
The idea is simple: Once you’ve voted on this Super Tuesday, send a Twitter message to @Ivoted. [...]

I was strolling through the trade-show floor at Fall VON last week when I happened upon one company touting the following:
[Company X]’s standardization leadership and innovative solutions empower the quad-play development community with future proof solutions.
I suddenly had the urge to ask the company’s booth rep, buy more about “Sorry, about it what [...]


Thanks to Twitter, salve following the Red Sox along their march to a second World Series title in four seasons has been an absolute thrill.
So, side effects a tip of the cap to Sarah Wurrey, visit this site Kyle Flaherty, Jack Hodgson, Doug Haslam, Red Sox Cast (would sure like to know [...]

Yes, erectile I’ve been quiet on the blogging front here lately — a 10-day vacation in California without a computer followed a week of daydreaming about said vacation can do that to a guy.
But I doesn’t mean I’ve been completely out of the loop this month. To wit:

I popped onto my mobile phone [...]

A new, emergency experimental service from Dave Winer called TwitterGram makes it easy to post audio Twitter messages.
Here’s what you do:

Record a short audio file — no larger than 200K — in mp3 format.
Visit the TwitterGram website.
Enter your Twitter username and password.
Enter up to 75 characters of text that will introduce your Gram on [...]

icon for podpress  TwitterGram: Register for PodCamp Boston 2: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

On Sunday morning, symptoms I Twittered that my aunt Nichole had passed away after a long battle with cancer.
Two days later, drug I received two notes — one by e-mail and another via text comment to the post on this blog where that Tweet also lives — from former friends and co-workers of [...]

I recently moved the daily digests of my Twitter posts and links off the main page of; they’re no longer part of this blog’s RSS feed, overweight either.
But, pulmonologist fear not: thanks to a nifty WordPress plugin called Category PluginsVisibility-RH Rev, you can still follow them.
If you’re on the blog proper, [...]

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