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Just about a year ago, around the time that Twitter was busting out at the South by Southwest conference, Jack Hodgson and I gave a presentation about Twitter at BarCamp Boston 2.
And as much as we were singing Twitter’s praises, we had a hard time explaining, simply, what Twitter actually was. Was it [...]

Still find yourself having to define and explain podcasting to friends, colleagues, and clients?
Well, here’s one way to do it: Just say watching or listening to a podcast is like watching Oprah.
Confused? Allow Leesa Barnes to explain in her “What is podcasting?” video:

Note: I tried embedding the video directly to this post, but doing [...]

There’s a very good why I’m cooking — or pretending to — in a Facebook video and not at tomorrow’s 8:00am social media breakfast: I want to make sure you don’t end up with a stomach ache.
Alas, becoming a world-class chef — or even a halfway decent one — has never been my calling. Fortunately, [...]

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Couldn’t resist linking to this video of the “running of the Boston brides” — delivered, ironically, by the BBC.

Hey, we Bostonians just love a good bargain!
Imagine what will happen at some of those “Midnight Magic Parties” next month when the final Harry Potter book is released.
Hat tip: Universal Hub
Technorati Tags: Boston brides, Filene’s [...]

Explaining RSS in plain English

There are two types of Internet users, those that use RSS and those that don’t. This video is for the people who could save time using RSS, but don’t know where to start.

Click To Play

If this video doesn’t display in your RSS reader, you can view and stream it from its page.
Looking forward [...]

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I’ll be watching, starting at noon Eastern Time (9am Pacific, 4pm GMT) today. And if I’ve done this right, you should be able to watch, too, directly from this blog.

For some interaction, take part in the show’s text chat.
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Although I won’t be creating an original videoblog entry each day as part of Videoblogging Week 2007, I can do my part to promote the event by posting videos from others on this blog.
To get things started, here’s a funny bit from Mark Day explaning Videoblogging Week.

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Learning about video production values

Beth Kanter, for whom I offered worthy praise in my post about key learnings from the Boston Media Makers’ March 4 meetup, has produced a short video about whether production values matter in videoblogging.
The video is based on a presentation from David Tames that took place at the end of the meetup, and includes some [...]

Learning about videoblogging

As I mentioned in episode 25 of New Comm Road, I certainly have plenty to learn about videoblogging. And Steve Garfield, who decided to use me as his guinea pig in a presentation at last week’s Boston meetup of the Social Media Club, is starring in this tutorial on videoblogging,

The tutorial is presented by [...]

Future of personal computing?

Does this video from the Ted2006 conference demonstrate how we could be using the personal computer in the near future?

You can also check out video of the more complete presentation made by Jeff Han.
So how long until this technological potential becomes a reality for all of us?
Tip of the keyboard to Dan York.
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