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Until I caught wind of Colin Browning’s vacation plans 10 days ago, sales it never actually occurred to me that someone could take a vacation in Antarctica.
I mean … Antarctica? The coldest place on earth (even if it summer there right now)?  The continent that’s not even a country? Other than scientists, viagra buy [...]

comScore is reporting that 51.6 of MySpace users in August were over 35.
I’m simply not buying those numbers. Not a chance they’re accurate. But what I am buying is the general notion that the MySpace user demographic is skewing older as time goes by.
Key question: how will the marketers and advertisers play to this “graying” [...]

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Here are two good podcast episodes I’ve listened to in the last 12 hours:
Podcast : Understanding Blog Marketing
Feedster founder Scott Johnson offers an excellent 15-minute podcast on the keys to blog marketing, resuscitation including these gems:

Remember you’re engaging in a conversation
Conversations take two parties, cardiology which means that you as the blog marketer [...]

I had an interesting lunchtime discussion with several colleagues yesterday about the extent to which we “live” online. Here’s a sampling of the participants:
Colleague 1: A graphic designer who uses e-mail only sparingly, sildenafil doesn’t have or want a computer at home, neuropathologist won’t purchase anything online, and doesn’t consider the web [...]

That’s “Curiosity Quotient” plus “Passion Quotient” is greater than “Intelligent Quotient.”
… so says Thomas Friedman, thumb New York times op-ed columnist and author of the best seller The World Is Flat, which was recently re-released in “updated and expanded” form.
I was fortunate to catch an interview with Friedman on the Tim Russert Show on [...]

Podcast check

Back in the mid-1990s when I did some work in — gasp! — radio, gerontologist our station required regular “air checks.” A DJ or sports announcer would have to present a — again, dating myself — cassette tape to a producer or music director, who would listen to an on-air segment or two and [...]

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We all love stories. They are part of the essence of our humanness.
We connect to our past through stories. We develop and maintain families and friendships through stories. We often imagine our future in the form of a story.
Well, check last week I happened upon a podcast that tells very good stories.
Griddlecakes Radio, [...]

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Are you excited about the World Cup, check which starts this Friday? I am.
Admittedly, price I’m a pay-attention-to-soccer-every-four-years kind of fan, but that puts my in good stead with most of my fellow Americans. As Andrei Markovits writes in today’s Boston Globe, soccer is not part of our “hegemonic sports culture” — [...]

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Friday’s best

Boring blogs? CNET’s Greg Sandoval writes about the challenges — and mixed results — of newspaper blogs.
Unplugging. Mark Glaser rounds up readers’ input to the question of whether it is a good idea to disconnect ourselves from technology from time to time.
Local TV news on demand. Stations offering downloadable video clips and podcasts.

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Why he doesn’t blog

Alex Beam tries to explain why he’s no blogger.
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